3M VERSAFLO S-433 Head Cover

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3M Versaflo S-433 Head Cover with integrated head suspension which provides head, face, neck and shoulder coverage as well as providing eye and face protection from liquid splash and low energy flying particles and dust. Get head, eye and face protection when working in food and beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturing. With powered and supplied air respirators, breathable air is provided to the wearer; reducing the additional breathing effort required. The moving airflow may make hot environments more tolerable while greatly reducing visor fogging. 3M cost-effective headtop has been manufactured using a 2-layer laminated film material.

3M Versafo S-433 Head Cover is approved for use with 3M Versaflo TR-619E Powered Air Turbo Starter Kit.

The head cover meets the requirements of EN 14594 – they are approved for use with a range of compressed air supply tubes that meet both the lower and higher strength (A and B) requirements. EN 12941 standard specifies minimum requirements for powered filtering devices incorporating a helmet or a hood with gas, particle or combined filter(s) for respiratory protection. EN166 safety standard for protection against liquid droplets (grade 3) and low energy impact (grade F) the same classification for impact resistance as safety spectacles.

  • EN 166: 2: F: 3
  • EN 14594 3A
  • EN 12941 TH3
  • Material: 2-layer laminated film material
  • Face shield: PETG
  • Size M/L (54-64 cm)
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