SALVEQUICK Textile Plasters, Refill Contains 40 plasters

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SALVEQUICK Textile Plasters. Adhesive bandages (plasters) of two sizes, medium and senior, packed in a cardboard refill package, intended for the Salvequick dispenser for adhesive bandages. The plasters can easily be pulled out with just one hand and applied on the wound. The adhesive bandage consists of a backing, evenly spread with an adhesive coating. An absorbent pad is fixed centrally to the dressing. The adhesive is covered with a release-coated foil that consists of two parts partly overlapping each other. When the adhesive bandage is taken out from the package, the release-coated plastic foil remains behind. One half of the dressing can now be applied on the skin using one hand only. The rest of the coated paper can then be removed and the adhesive bandage is ready for use.

Refill contains 40 plasters:

24 plasters – 7,2 x 1,9 cm
16 plasters – 7,2 x 2,5 cm

For wholesale buyer: 6 cardboard refills in a box.

Salvequick is part of Cederroth group, a Swedish pharmaceuticals company which manufactures and markets personal care, healthcare, wound care, household and first aid products. Since the mid 1970s Cederroth has developed and marketed innovative products and solutions that enable ordinary people to give first aid without special previous training.

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EA plaaster 6444
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SALVEQUICK is the market leader and almost synonymous with plasters and wound care in many European countries. We sell around 20 Million plaster-boxes around the world each year. Our products can be found in most homes, schools and workplaces in Sweden. Over the years, Salvekvick has changed name to Salvequick and the assortment has been renewed and developed continuously.

Salvequick’s products are CE-labelled and comply with all applicable requirements for medical devices. The head office is in Stockholm and many of our products are produced in our factory in Barcelona.