Cleanroom clothes

A cleanroom is a controlled environment in which low levels of contaminants, such as suspended particles, microorganisms and chemical compounds are maintained. Cleanrooms are used in various industries, from pharmaceutical manufacturing to biotechnology, where the utmost cleanliness and contamination control are critical.

By far the most common source of contamination in a cleanroom is the human personnel inside it. For that reason high-quality cleanroom clothes are the best option to keep the cleanroom safe. The cleanroom uniform must meet the code of GMP requirements. Garments must be produced and packaged in a clean and sterile manufacturing environment, using only smooth materials with low linting.

In addition to the cleanroom clothing Becky Tööohutuskeskus has in stock, we offer even wider selection of cleanroom garments (including coveralls, hoods, shoe covers, gloves, etc.) that we can order for You. For more information, please contact us by phone +372 6706880 or by email

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