Medical Face Mask Black Type IIIR, 50 pcs

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Medical Face Mask Black Type IIIR, 50 masks per box. Medical Face Mask with non-woven material. Pleat style with ear loops and three-layer construction. Adjustable nose clip for a better fit.

In order for your Type IIIR mask to effectively protect you from the pollutants you should wear it for a maximum of four hours. Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Complies with EN 14683 standard that medical face masks in Europe are required to comply with.

Medical mask are used to prevent spreading of droplets from the nose and throat, that may carry virus and transmit infection. Without a mask, droplets produced during coughing can travel up to 4 meters. With a mask, this distance is reduced to just a few centimeters. Unlike respirators, medical masks are not designed to reduce the particles that the wearer will inhale and are not evaluated by NIOSH for their effectiveness to protect the wearer from airborne hazards. PS! Medical mask is not personal protective equipment (PPE).


– Wash your hands with soap before you put on your mask.

– Pick up your mask by its ear loops. Without touching the mask itself, bring the loops up to your ears. Be sure that it covers your nose and your mouth. Secure the mask around the bridge of your nose with metal tab.

– If you wear glasses, put them on top of your face mask.

– After you take mask off, throw it away.

– Wash your hands after discarding the mask.

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