3M Aura 9320+ FFP2 Respirator

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3M Aura 9320+ FFP2 Respirator provides FFP2 breathing protection with a flat-fold, 3-panel design, low breathing resistance and an embossed, sculpted top panel that can help reduce eyewear fogging. It features an innovative chin tab for easy adjustments, and the headbands are colour-coded for quick and easy identification.

Get FFP2 protection against dusts and mists in a wide variety of industrial applications and other hazardous environments. Low-resistance filter technology helps you breathe easily. The flat-fold design makes it convenient to store when not in use, and the braided, colour-coded headbands help you identify the protection level offered: blue for FFP2 (NPF 12). This respirator is individually packed in hygienic wrapping to protect against contamination, and it’s designed to work well with 3M Eyewear and Hearing Protection products.

Complies with EN 149 filtered half masks standard for protection against particles. Click HERE to read how to choose a respirator.

  • Low-resistance filter technology helps you breathe more easily
  • Sculpted upper panel conforms to the nose and contours of the face for an effective seal
  • Embossed top panel helps reduce eyewear fogging
  • Original 3-panel design allows for greater facial movement
  • EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR D

Warnings. 3M AURA 9320+ FFP2 respirator does not protect the wearer from gases or vapours. A gas respirator should be used to protect against gases and vapours. Dust masks must not be used in environments where the oxygen content of the air is less than 17%, the composition or concentration of the dust is unknown or the dust is life-threatening. The wearer of the mask must not have a beard or moustache that would affect the effectiveness of the mask.

To check suitability, always proceed as follows before using a dust mask. Carefully cover the front of the dust mask with both hands so that you do not move it out of position. In the case of a CLAPPING dust mask, breathe deeply IN. If air leaks from around the nose, readjust the nose clip to eliminate the leak. If air leaks from the sides of the respirator, adjust the position of the straps to eliminate the leak. If you do not achieve proper tightness, do not enter the hazardous area.

3M is an innovative, global science-based company that is focused on developing products that improve people’s lives in a multitude of ways. 3M has designed a range of respirators using science to increase comfort, breathability and protection. 3M offers you a wide range of disposable, reusable, powered and supplied air respirators for protection against gases, vapours and particulates allowing you to choose the level and type of protection, comfort, style and maintenance requirements you need to work safely, comfortably and effectively.

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Respiratory Protection – a heritage of comfort, fit and performance. In 1972 3M invented the disposable respirator. Since then, we have developed numerous proprietary technologies that have been incorporated into our comprehensive range of disposable, reusable and powered and supplied air respirators.

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