HONEYWELL 5251 FFP2 Particulate Respirator with Valve

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HONEYWELL 5251 FFP2 Particulate Respirator with Valve. Excellent protection against low and medium toxicity dust (up to 12 x LPN), fumes and aerosols. It has a soft Willtech fabric seal which has an excellent absorbent property that prevents irritation due to prolonged or hypoallergenic use. Honeywell respirator provides FFP2 breathing protection with a low breathing resistance.

Complies with EN 149 filtered half masks standard for protection against particles. Click HERE to read how to choose a respirator.

  • Rigid shell: shape maintained even in moistened and heavy loading environments. Designed to deal with nuisance level organic vapours with superior odour removal capabilities.
  • Ultra-soft hypoallergenic Willtech™ flange seal with absorption properties and a tight sealing film for an exceptional comfort and a perfect fit.
  • Preformed and coloured nosebridge to save time to perfectly adjust the mask and to instantly identify its protection level.
  • Large internal volume to easily communicate and breathe.
  • Shielded exhalation valve with an exclusive design for an improved protection and a better breathing comfort.
  • Twin elastic straps, ultra flexible and strong, stapled outside of the filtering area to avoid any risk of leakage.
  • Lightweight respirator (28g) to reduce wearers’fatigue.
  • No latex, no silicone, no PVC.
  • Dolomite tested.

Warnings. HONEYWELL 5251 FFP2 respirator with exhalation valve does not protect the wearer from gases or vapours. A gas respirator should be used to protect against gases and vapours. Dust masks must not be used in environments where the oxygen content of the air is less than 17%, the composition or concentration of the dust is unknown or the dust is life-threatening. The wearer of the mask must not have a beard or moustache that would affect the effectiveness of the mask.

To check suitability, always proceed as follows before using a dust mask. Carefully cover the front of the dust mask with both hands so that you do not move it out of position. In the case of a CLAPPING dust mask, breathe deeply IN. If air leaks from around the nose, readjust the nose clip to eliminate the leak. If air leaks from the sides of the respirator, adjust the position of the straps to eliminate the leak. If you do not achieve proper tightness, do not enter the hazardous area.

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