BLS 8001125 K19 Faceshield Cover for Full Face Mask, 5 pcs

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BLS 8001125 K19 Faceshield Cover for Full Face Mask. Protective film in acetate for BLS full face mask 5000 series.

Applications: Industrial painting and in presence of chemical splashes.

BLS – we are specialists in respiratory protection! We were born in Italy in 1970 and we developed in Spain; today we are one of the largest producers in Europe, and our goal is to become market leaders at international level.

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Specialists in respiratory protection! BLS was established in 1970 in Italy in the Bovisa district. It is a business model that has made BLS what they are today: a boutique of the fourth industrial revolution based on technological culture, collaboration with the university, automation of production and enhancement of human asset. To offer a product that goes beyond customer expectations. BLS has grown in Italy and in the global market by offering products of the highest quality, certified and continuously innovated, for respiratory protection in the industrial, military and medical sectors.