BLS 680NEXT FFP2 Particulate Respirator with Valve

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BLS 680NEXT FFP2 Particulate Respirator with Valve with a flat-fold, 3-panel design that allows it to adapt perfectly to all facial movements, ensuring maximum protection and efficiency at all times. The internal nose clip, adapts optimally to the profile of the nose and eyes, guaranteeing an excellent field of vision and maximum compatibility with glasses.The elastics are made of hypoallergenic latex-free material and the addition of a support layer allows them to adhere to the filter body without the use of exposed metal parts.

Provides FFP2 breathing protection against dusts (up to 12 x LPN), fumes, aerosols in activities and sectors such as construction, cement works, foundries, sanding, grinding, deburring, powder coating, fibreglass cutting, wood dust (not hardwood).


  • Flat-fold 3-panel design
  • The internal nose clip, adapts optimally to the profile of the nose and eyes
  • Provides FFP2 breathing protection
  • Packaged in single sealed bags


Complies with EN 149 filtered half masks standard for protection against particles. Click HERE to read how to choose a respirator.

Warnings! 3M AURA 9322+ FFP2 respirator with exhalation valve does not protect the wearer from gases or vapours. A gas respirator should be used to protect against gases and vapours. Dust masks must not be used in environments where the oxygen content of the air is less than 17%, the composition or concentration of the dust is unknown or the dust is life-threatening. The wearer of the mask must not have a beard or moustache that would affect the effectiveness of the mask.

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Specialists in respiratory protection! BLS was established in 1970 in Italy in the Bovisa district. It is a business model that has made BLS what they are today: a boutique of the fourth industrial revolution based on technological culture, collaboration with the university, automation of production and enhancement of human asset. To offer a product that goes beyond customer expectations. BLS has grown in Italy and in the global market by offering products of the highest quality, certified and continuously innovated, for respiratory protection in the industrial, military and medical sectors.