Aqua Safe Plasters 24 pcs

EA plaaster 24tk
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Aqua Safe Plasters 24 pcs. Wound plastic plasters (6 sizes) to cover and protect minor wounds. Waterproof and breathable plasters protect the wound and scab from friction, bacteria, damage, and dirt. Adhesive plastic plasters are not as flexible as textile plasters.

Application: Clean the wound properly. Remove the bandage from the packaging and remove the coverings on the adhesive part of the bandage before applying it. Place the padded gauze section of the bandage directly over the wound. Firmly attach the adhesive. Change the bandage daily.


8 pcs – 40×10 mm
4 pcs – 72×20 mm
4 pcs – 38×19 mm
4 pcs – 72×25 mm
2 pcs – 38×38 mm
2 pcs – 60×38 mm

  • Wound pad
  • Adhesive sheet: plastic
  • For wholesale buyer: 12 packages on a cardboard basis and 336 packages in a transportation box
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EA plaaster 24tk
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