CHEMI-PHARM CHEMISEPT FG Foot Antiseptic 250 ml

Chemi FG 250ml
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CHEMI-PHARM CHEMISEPT FG is an ethanol-based rapid feet antiseptic. It can also be used for disinfection of alcohol resistant footwear. CHEMSIEPT FG is ready to use antiseptic, which also works as a prophylactic measure to prevent fungal infections on the feet. It eliminates the suitable living environment of fungal diseases on the nails and skin.

CHEMISEPT FG effectively reduces sweating of the feet and thereby avoids the appearance of unpleasant odours. The product refreshes and revives the feet and also contains glycerine to protect the skin. It offers excellent relief for tired feet.

Chemisept FG has a broad fungicidal and bactericidal effect, being able to destroy Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and deactivates viruses.

Usage: Apply on dry feet. The time of effect is 30 seconds. You can also apply inside of alcohol resistant footwear. Wait until the footwear is dry.

EN 13727 Standard specifies a test method and the minimum requirements for bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectant and antiseptic products. EN 1275 Suspension test for the evaluation of basic fungicidal or basic yeasticidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics

  • pH 6,5 – 7,5
  • Ingredients: Ethanol 62%, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds 0,25% (active substance), Glycerol
  • 250 ml spray
  • EN 1275
  • EN 13727

Chemi-Pharm AS develops, produces and sells allergen-free disinfection agents, cleansing and skincare products and detergents. Products are exported to more than 25 countries worldwide; the company’s main customers are in medical sector.

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Chemi FG 250ml
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