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DUPONT TYVEK ISOCLEAN Shoe Covers. Bound internal seams. Tunnelled elastication at shin and ankles. Ankle ties. Gripper™ soles provide enhanced slip-retardance and robustness. Tyvek  IsoClean delivers an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. Made of high density polyethylene using a patented flash spinning process. Tyvek IsoClean provides an inherent barrier to particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous water-based light liquid splash. Tyvek IsoClean is also breathable and exceptionally low linting.

Tyvek IsoClean garments and accessories have been clean-processed to maximize cleanliness and have been sterilized by gamma- irradiation. They are folded to aid aseptic donning and packaged in an ISO class 4 cleanroom. All DuPont Tyvek IsoClean clean-processed and sterile accessories are packed in a dual barrier packaging system, consisting of an inner and outer easy tear cleanroom bag. The packaging system serves as a key element for contamination risk reduction when transferring apparel into clean areas. The accessories are individually packed and grouped together in an outer bag.
Garments and accessories made of clean-processed and sterile Tyvek IsoClean are typically used in cleanrooms within the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, food processing, cosmetics industry as well as in other critical or controlled environments.

Cat III shoe cover type PB [6] – Partial body chemical protective clothing. Suitable for use in GMP class A/B (ISO Class 5) clean rooms. EN 14126 Protective clothing standard against infective agents. Click HERE to read more about protective clothing labelling.

  • Full Part Number: IC0458BWHMS
  • Material: Tyvek IsoClean
  • Cat III type PB [6]
  • Suitable for use in GMP class A/B (ISO Class 5) clean rooms
  • EN ISO 14126
  • Full traceability on all sterilized apparal with certificates of sterility available
  • Clean-processed and sterilized by gamma-irradiation
  • Packed in a dual barrier packaging system

Tyvek® protective apparel combines durability with comfort, making it extremely versatile. From painting to composites, agriculture to crime scene investigation, Tyvek® offers a range of protective apparel to meet your needs. Make sure you have the right apparel for the job with SafeSPEC.

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DUPONT was founded in 1802 and is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. DuPont is involved in a range of different industry areas, including high-performance materials, synthetic fibres, electronics, speciality chemicals, agriculture and biotechnology. DuPont also develops and manufactures protective clothing. Their protective apparel’s ergonomic design and innovative materials will help keep workers safe and comfortable, no matter the job at hand.