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THERMOWAVE ORIGINAL Hat – discover the expanded Thermowave accessories collection. Thermowave accessories have become the preferred choice for alpinists, runners, travelers and many more. Exceptional attention has been given to every detail of design and quality, to ensure the best experience while engaging in any outdoor activity or just living an adventurous everyday life. The accessories’ designs were created to complement Thermowave’s bestsellers.

Polyester protect from heat loss and silver-ion technology eliminates odor-causing bacteria. Beat mile after mile without any worry.

Suggested activity: skiing, snowboarding, winter sports, running, hiking, traveling.

  • Lets the skin breath
  • Especially stretchy
  • Quick drying
  • Special fibers are less-irritating
  • Silver-ion protection, an anti-bacterial finish, provides that fresh feeling and inhibits bacterial growth, so no uncomfortable smell
  • Material – 100% Thermowave Functional Polyester

With more than 92 years of outdoor base layer craftsmanship, Thermowave is committed to support the bravers of the modern day outdoors. They are passionate about providing active professionals with supportive clothing they can trust. Thermowave creates apparel with the EU design-to-production approach for everyone who is striving for performance, endurance and comfort.

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THERMOWAVE doesn’t believe in meeting expectations, it believes in exceeding them. With over 92 years of experience, we are constantly innovating our apparel to endure even the most extreme conditions. Our merino base layers have been used for everything from deep-sea diving to space missions. At Thermowave, we are skilled craftsmen with a commitment to being the best and creating a brand you can trust. We want our apparel to outperform, so you can too.

Sophisticated features are surfacing in simplified designs, empowering you to reach maximum result with the freedom that you need. Finding the perfect balance between desired simplicity and complexity of today’s design, we create both: ergonomic and attractive base layer.