SHOWA 306 Breathable Latex Coated Gloves

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SHOWA 306 Breathable Latex Coated Gloves. Built to withstand the elements all year round, the 306 outdoor gloves are impermeable yet breathable to keep hands dry whilst preventing loss of grip from perspiration. A latex coating on the palm and fingertips provides grip and tactile precision when operating in all weathers. The seamless knit ensures comfort and prevents irritation to the skin when using the gloves over long periods of time.

Suitable for: Construction, mining, cleaning, plumbing.

Complies with EN 388 safety standard for protective gloves against mechanical risks. Click HERE to read more about protective glove safety standards.

  • Cat. II
  • EN 388:2003
  • Material: Nylon, Polyester, seamless knit

SHOWA is a fully integrated manufacturer of industrial hand protection. We work with the very latest in technological advancements with a renewed focus on creativity and innovation. SHOWA® is solely focused on the start-to-finish manufacturing of industrial hand protection. We fully control our industrial ecosystem, which has a decisive advantage over other companies.

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SHOWA technology has forever changed the protective glove industry, what our hands are capable of and the impact they make on the environment. Perfection is not a destination, it’s a journey driven by innovation; and by introducing several technological milestones in its glove styles, SHOWA has regularly raised the bar. Such innovations also underscore a commitment to continually make the best gloves even better.

Each glove is developed by carrying out a detailed study of all quality parameters; design, suitability, ergonomics, suppleness, performance of the materials and manufacturing processes – making it possible to achieve the correct balance between safety, dexterity, performance and price.

Every possible resistance test is performed in SHOWA labs to ensure that each glove is fit for work before packaging and delivery. All production sites are ISO 9001 certified.