Fire Extinguisher PL powder 6 kg (43A-233B-C)

Kustuti 6 kg
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Fire Extinguisher PL powder 6 kg with high fire rating 43A – 233B – C. Wall mount is not included. Universal fire extinguisher is suitable for corporate buildings, garages, busses, trucks, etc. Powder extinguisher can be refilled.

ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher is the most common type of portable extinguisher in Estonia today. Powder extinguisher has gained great popularity due to its versatility – it can extinguish fires of solids, combustible liquids, gases and electrical equipment up to 1000 V. The powder extinguisher can also withstand freezing temperatures.

When extinguishing with a powder extinguisher, the risk of extensive and costly clean-up operations and the risk of damage to non-fire-affected property due to ubiquitous powder dust must be considered. For this reason, powder extinguishers are not used for domestic purposes. It is also useful to know that when extinguishing combustible liquids, powder has no after-effect – even the smallest flame or spark will ignite the fire to its original size.

Powder extinguishers are required in cars (1 kg), vans (2 kg), garages (6 kg). Find out more about the legislation at

The powder extinguisher must be checked every two years! If the extinguisher is exposed to humidity, vibration or other damaging effects, the extinguisher needs to be checked every year. The powder extinguisher requires maintenance every 10 years (unless the manufacturer provides for more frequent maintenance) and after each use, as the powder extinguisher loses pressure within a few hours of extinguishing.

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Kustuti 6 kg
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