CRYSTAL COMFORT Transparent Plasters 12 pcs

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CRYSTAL COMFORT Transparent Plasters 12 pcs. Crystal Comfort wound plasters are with ultra thin polyurethane adhesive. Water-repellent bandages keep injuries safe by keeping water, dirt and germs out. Discreet transparent material makes these appropriate to wear in any situation. Latex free.


– Clean the wound properly.
– Stretch the plaster gently so that in the middle there will be small crack (see from the instruction on the package).
– Remove the coverings on the adhesive part of the bandage before applying it.
– Firmly attach the adhesive.
– Change the bandage daily.

  • 12 pieces in a package
  • Size: 2,5 cm x 7,2 cm
  • Adhesive sheet: Polyurethane
  • Wound pad material: 75% Viscose, 25% Polypropylene
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EA 10108
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