PRO BY ELWIS H600-R LED Headlamp Rechargeable, 630 lm

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PRO BY ELWIS H600-R LED Headlamp is an extremely powerful 10W LED headlamp that can be used in both a professional and/or outdoor context. One of the many things worth highlighting about the H600R is the long battery life. This model can hold power for more than 15 hours if one takes advantage of its low beam setting. The H600R has a twist focus system, and it can provide two-lumen outputs of 630 lumens, on the high beam setting, or 85 lumens at the low beam setting. When the high beam is selected, the H600R can illuminate large areas over long distances; if you also use the built-in adjustable zoom function, you get a visible field of 200 meters. A full charge via USB takes approximately 4.5 hours. The weight is 179 grams, including the battery. The H600R is also extremely waterproof (IPX5) and made of quality components from A-Z.

  • Lumens: 85 (low beam) / 630 (high beam)
  • Beam distance: 70 m (low beam) / 200 m (high beam)
  • Beam width from 1 m distance: 160 cm (zoom width) / 25 cm (zoom spot)
  • Light source: 10W XPL
  • Colour temperature (Kelvin): 7500K
  • Focus: Twist focus
  • Weight: 179 grams, including the battery (47 grams)
  • Housing: ABS and aluminium
  • Lens: Acrylic, optical
  • On/off switch: Top, red rubber
  • Battery type: 1 x 18650: 3,7V – 2600mAh – 9,62Wh- Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Charging port: Micro USB
  • Cable for charger, ca. 1 m (supplied in box), USB into charger, USB into lamp
  • Charging time: 4,5 h
  • Charging level indicator: 4 x LED on battery compartment
  • Protection class: IPX5 / IK07
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C ~ +40°C
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