LED LENSER iH6R Headlamp Rechargeable, 200 lm

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LED LENSER iH6R Headlamp Rechargeable, 200 lm. The rechargeable Ledlenser iH6R headlamp is compact and comfortable with a non-slip rubber band lining that provides extra grip when worn over a helmet. The tiltable headlamp lets you direct up to 200 lumens of light wherever you need, while a one-handed focus system can switch between a spot and flood beam with ease. Designed for everyday use across light or heavy industrial environments the iH6R offers a variety of different light settings to suit any occasion.

That special something about this Led Lenser: Advanced Focus System (AFS) Technology –  enables efficient, tailored lighting from 5 lumens to 200 lumens. Speed Focus with Fast Lock – easily alter the focus from a wide beam to a focused, narrow light stream. Stepless Dimming – seamless adjustment of the luminosity with a potentiometer switch. Safety features of this Led Lenser: IPX4 – Protection against water splashing from any direction.

5 lm20 m40 h
200 lm120 m2 h

Packaging and Contents: 1 x Led Lenser iH6R LED head torch, 3 x NiMH AAA 900 mAh rechargeable batteries, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x headband, bag.

  • Lumens: 5 to 200 lm; Beam distance 20 – 120 m; Burn time 2 – 40 h
  • 3 x NiMH AAA 900 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Weight (with battery) 132 g
  • Advanced Focus System
  • Speed Focus with Fast Lock
  • Stepless Dimming
  • IPX4
  • 5 years warranty (when registered on Led Lenser website 7 years)

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of portable LED lighting products, Led Lenser dedicates all their knowledge and expertise to empower the world with light. Led Lenser portable lights are reliable and trusting companions allowing consumers to be ready and able in the darkest of work, home or outdoor situations. Led Lenser quality promise is built on their foundation of German engineering and design, providing the highest quality products to the world.

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